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A lizard that changes skin colour to match what surrounds it.

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Swiss Army Knife:
A penknife incorporating several blades and other tools such as scissors and screwdrivers.

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A broadcast quality audio/video processor, with many downloadable apps, that allow Axim to completely change its function

The most flexible audio/video processor in Broadcast

3 channel audio/video processor allowing up/down/cross converting, cross point switching, branding, subtitle insertion/transcoding, SCTE 104 and X31 GPI control, legalising and colour correction in a single compact unit

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FREE Downloads


Buy on line, find a dealer or make an enquiry:

Want a 3 layer animated logo generator? A 3 x 1 seamless switch? A data bridge or one of many more available apps?

Axim owners can repurpose their Axim units by simply downloading apps from the download page.

Trying out a new system? download and test before you commit to a design.

Demonstrating workflow? show you customers exactley how their system will operate.

Hire, Maintanence, Everyone!
Ideal for hire companies, ideal for maintanence, ideal for broadcast.

A recent survey found the average FPGA development to be between 6 and 12 engineering months. 11% of those surveyed admitting that “non-trivial bugs” often make it to production.

Buy proven hardware and get the Microvideo apps for free.

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